Item #RFPB500

Price $210.00

500 Range Floater/Practice Balls

These balls are very good for practice. Theae are a "floater" ball, weighing about 5% lighter that a regulation ball. Most people cannot tell the difference in the ball flight. When the balls loose their original stripe we purchase and sell them to you. This ball is excellent for someone who lives near a lake and wants to collect and hit them over again. Although the balls have a worn down dimple pattern, there are no cut or cracked balls. They are a lot of fun to hit from shore, a dock, or a house boat. The challenge is to see how many times you can get a ball to skip! This ball is the best floater on the market.

Shipping rates are as follows: USA – *FREE SHIPPING* Canada + Puerto Rico + Military Address's $90 All Other countries - $180 (Photo is an approximate type and quality of balls you will receive)