BustinBallsRetail.com offers the finest selection of used golf balls available.

Used golf ball grading and conditions:

Grade 1 - Our Grade 1 ball is perfect or near perfect condition.

Grade 2 - Our Grade 2 ball will show signs of use but is still very playable.

Grade 3 - Our Grade 3 ball may have discoloration, and may be scuffed, cut or peeling.

Here's what our customers had to say..... ========================================================

"I won a bet. I put a new ball down & one of yours. Out of 3 golfers, no one knew the difference!!! Thanks" -Fred


"Received my order 12-21-03. The balls are excellent, they are hard to tell from new! Thanks for the prompt order handling and excellent products. I will gladly recommend you to others".
-Jack Davidson


"Got my order last week. Thanks for the service. I can't tell any difference and my golf pro can't either."
-David Thompson